Elistaria: Webrevolutionary

On the WebDesign front clearly unbeatable

1. Guaranteed search engine friendly website

The most important mission for Elistaria is to ensure that your website will be at the top of the search engine’s list, whilst keeping our practices within Google’s guidelines.

SEF URL without numbers in it: The links of your website will be quite simple. In the form of yourdomain.tld/something. Your URL will not contain any numbers, question marks or any punctuation marks. This is not only good because of Google, but it is also favorable because it is much easier remembered by somebody who might have read it in the newspaper, heard it on the radio or looked it up on his phone. Another advantage is that the chances of a typo are significantly reduced.

Elistaria is way faster than the competition: The website’s speed is a ranking criterion. Elitaria, unlike other CMS PageSpeed of 95/100, combined with a very good loading time. This can be further improved with the CDN option.

Native HTML5: Elistaria has been developed as a HTML5 CMS. This guarantees that a transparent and error-free HTLM5 code will be generated. The HTLM5 semantic elements (such as article, nav, header, footer, aside, etc.) are also perfectly handled. The great advantage of this type of approach is that Google finds out which links belong to the navigation of the page (nav), which bodies of texts belong to the main topic (article), which parts are only tangentially related to the topic (aside), which are the header and footer of the page and which are the remaining semantic elements (section, hgroup, meter, time, mark). These all are inherent qualities of Elistaria.

Always up-to-date: Because of the unique design of Elistaria, you never have to bother with upgrades. You always have the latest version. All of this is automatically provided by Elistaria. You don’t even need to visit the admin section of your website. Because of Elistaria’s excellent support, Google’s latest guidelines and SEO’s latest achievements are automatically added to your website. This is guaranteed by W. Szabó Péter, one of the most esteemed Hungarian SEO professionals.

Subpage focused approach: One of the cornerstones of the SEF website development is the subpage. These are quite simple to make, especially with long tail keywords, which can help you achieve a very good ranking. The Meta descriptions and subtitles of your webpage are not only freely configurable but Elistaria also counts the characters, informs you if you have inserted too many into the title or into the description. This is of utmost importance because neither Google, nor Bing will show them if they are too long. If you add these correctly, then Google will generate correctly and efficiently the snip in the search list which will show up. You can also add the h1 to your page, because this also belongs to the ranking criteria.

Canonical support: If you have similar subpages, then setting rel= "canonical" helps to avoid duplication. Furthermore, if they are in different domains, you don’t need to worry at all because Elistaria supports cross domain canonical-t. You don’t even need to worry about creating by accident a canonical chain (that is, a subpage to be canonical with another subpage, which itself is another canonical subpage) because it would be automatically removed by the algorithm.

301 and 410 responses: for redirection and subpage deletion. Google’s webmaster guidelines suggest those server responses. They are are also covered by Elistaria, so that redirects carried over the link power of the new sub-site, meanwhile the deleted items disappear more quickly from the index. Your visitors will never be redirected to a 404 from the Google search result page.

Sitemap and RSS: Elistaria does not only generate sitemap.xml, but the sitemap but also contains priority values.

Menu manager with title support: Most CMS have a built in menu manager but they rarely, unlike Elistaria, strive for short names for the menus, which improve the design and also make it user friendly. Elistaria offers the option to add title-t to your menus, so that when a visitor hovers over the menu with his mouse cursor, then he will receive an automatic popup which sums up the content of the menu. This is also readable by Google, who also takes this into consideration. This is also usable if the menu does not lead to one of your sub domains but to a project located on a different domain.

Tag Cloud: You can use it for categorization, or to group/connect articles that have something in common. It helps your users and Google to understand and navigate your content, especially in case of larger sites.

The essential requisites of search engine friendly webdesign: SEF image and video insertion. The accessibility and the subdomain is also optimized for mobile devices. Subpages are checked, in order to avoid creating duplicates, and canonical chains are algorithmically eliminated. Furthermore, all Google guidelines are respected…

There are no meta keywords: Google does not use this meta, not even Bing. But if you're using it, then you are actively helping your competition. They could see the targeted keywords; basically your keyword analysis results get published. Therefore, for your own sake, Elistaria does not allow you to use it.

A Google's policy states that ranking in the search results list cannot be guaranteed by anyone.. This makes sense, since it is a part of a competition between the sites, the number of places is limited. Our "Search engine friendly website guarantee" means that if the development of a well-known site violates Google's guidelines, the full amount will be refunded which was paid for construction of the website and for the link building. Yes, this is a 100% money-back guarantee.


2. The fastest search engine friendly CMS

Elistaria does not only claim to be the fastest search engine friendly CMS, but can present independent tests confirming this fact. Elistaria was created because our website building team had to deal with an omnipresent issue: that there was no CMS, which was fast enough for us. These CMS were not only slow but were also difficult to manage for our clients. In the following you can read the explanation why it is so fast.

First of all, a number of different computing clouds serve the application. Cloud computing can be pictured several servers, which work together to provide fast and smooth running of the application. However, the increasing number of websites hosted by Elistaria will not be slowing this process down, as the Cloud can be extended indefinitely, without stopping. We selected for each task the fastest solution, which suited all international market.

Almost all competing solutions use MySQL database. The reason for this is that it is taught in the universities, so relational databases are more familiar to most programmers, who can use them to a certain extent. But this is far from a good solution for a CMS. Tests have shown that the MongoDB database that we use can be up to three times as fast as MySQL. In addition, MySQL was not developed for clouds, and by default it cannot exist in more than one server. In contrast, during the development of MongoDB, the primary concern was to be able to run multiple servers in parallel, incredibly fast. Whiles comparing MongoDB cloud services to MongoLab, we came to the conclusion that MongoLab is the best choice. It provides constant surveillance and a backup in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Furthermore, it even provides a replica of the database.

The majority of our competitors, unlike us, offer CMS based on PHP. PHP is a programming language that was not originally designed to be object orientated; it has been adapted rather late to be compatible. In addition an old language is basically slow and difficult, it has problems coping with a large number of visitors, and furthermore it is difficult to optimize its ideal speed. A further disadvantage is that its development time is also slow. If we would have tried to make Elistaria PHP based, then it is highly likely that we would still be working on it to this day and the result would be disastrously slow. Fortunately, it never occurred to us not to build Elistaria based on Ruby on Rails 3 framework. The Ruby programming language is in almost every aspect superior to PHP, except that it is not taught in most universities. Where else could we store our Ruby project then, where the father of Ruby, Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto works as Chief Architect? So yes, by this we mean the world's best and certainly the fastest cloud: Heroku.

In addition to the database and the application, there is another cornerstone for the speed of a Web application. This is the handling of static content (images, JS, CSS, PDFs, etc.). The Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront content delivery network was an obvious choice. If anyone knows how to provide a lot of files quickly to a lot of people then it is Amazon. CDN means that the files are always provided from the closest Cloudfront client, at an incredible speed. In Europe alone there are 6 such edges, in six different cities (Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Stockholm), thereby guaranteeing the speed. In North America there are ten such edges and three in Asia. Wherever one looks at your page, it always appears at a supersonic speed. Most of the rival companies use only one server, which is usually located somewhere in North America or more recently some of them started to migrate to China, in an effort to save on costs while being fully conscious of the fact that they will provide an inferior quality to their customers because of this. We do not save on the Hosting costs, as we know that quick web site responsiveness influences the visitor’s behavior positively.

We also use, of course, for emailing the fastest and most secure service, Rackspace. It does not just allow virus and spam free emailing, but ensures that an email reaches the recipient, in addition to up to 50 megabytes of attachments, quickly and well. Rackspace guarantees your privacy, that nobody can read your correspondence, not even our company. In addition, using Outlook, web mailing or your mobile phone, you may be sure that your emailing is quick and efficient. There is one thing though that you cannot do with it and that is spamming. The sending of unsolicited commercial emails is a condemned practice by Rackspace and also by us.

Every aspect of Elistaria’s speed has been talked about, except for the DNA cloud aspect. The global DNS Zerigo is a cloud, which makes it possible to immediately record the DNA modifications; it makes a very low TTL possible, it is even possible to be set to one minute. In addition to this there are many geographically independent Nameservers available, so it can be guaranteed that you will never experience a crash and that your requests will always be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. The DNS server or in our case the Cloud components, do their job silently and highly efficiently. If it would not be working properly then the user would be unable to send emails or to view his webpage.

In addition to the most known technologies and web acceleration solutions that we use, we also take advantage of clients and server-side caching, HTTP requested mitigation (CSS sprite, a single JS and CSS file, etc.), or sent text files (JS, CSS or HTML) and GZIP compression.

For these reasons, Elistaria is demonstrably faster than any competing search engine friendly CMS. If you can find a faster one, then we are willing to pay 1,000 Euros for the discovery! Find us on Google+, where we publicly stand to our commitment that we are the fastest in the business!


3. Bolstered security

The safety of your data and of your website is the inevitable question posed by our century. It is not just bored teenage hackers that one must be afraid of, but the competitors more often than not turn to illegal and unethical hacking methods. However, you are protected with Elistaria.

First of all, most of the hackers exploit vulnerabilities posed by an open source CMS. Although these gaps are usually quickly noticed and a patch or an update is issued, but quite a lot of time elapses until they reach every user and every website, if they reach everyone at all. The problem is though that the security patch draws the hackers’ attention to the deficiencies and so makes the exploitation of certain loopholes possible.

Lots of website get compromised thorough the acquiring of the FTP password, which is sent from the client’s machine, through a usually hidden virus or trojan, that delivers the password to the hacker. For example, passwords stored in the FTP client program can be obtained in this way. The FTP hacking is an efficient choice for the hacker, since with the help of a user name and password, the hacker can replace the main content of the page in a fraction of a second, with the uploading of a single file. But this threat does not exist with Elistaria, because there is no FTP service on the clouds that we use. Of course, you can upload files in an FTP-like manner, but these files cannot be run, and they cannot exchange critical files.

Most hackers specialize in breaking PHP and MySQL based site, and most of them are only proficient with these. This is no accident, since a large portion of potential targets is written in a PHP and MySQL database. Clouds hosted with a Rails 3 and MongoDB will pose a serious challenge for the hackers and most of them will not even know what to do. Because of this most look elsewhere for easy prey. It's like the alarm system of a car. If your car is the only one in the parking lot that is equipped with a steering safety lock then this will probably deter thieves, but when all cars are equipped in such a manner, then the thieves will adapt and so will learn to crack the steering safety lock, thus we will get back to the point from where we originally set out, meaning that nobody will have the advantage but it might be potentially even worse because everybody spent his hard earned money on the steering safety lock upgrade which will become obsolete.

Naturally, we also implemented a number of security solutions into Elistaria, which we prefer to keep hidden, in the attempt to further increase the safety provided by us. Because of these and because of the above enumerated safety precautions, there hasn’t been a website that has been hacked which used Elistaria.


4. Enchanting User Experience

Most content managers try to meet the demands of everyone, whatever they may apply to the construction of a web shop or a blog, to a corporate website or to a social networking page. This is a good idea, but it always results in a complicated admin interface, where it is difficult for the user to navigate. A good administrative interface is where the user does not need to think. Elistaria offers such an interface.

There are no unnecessary features, which could slow down the work and might interfere with the user. Because of this Elistaria is not suited to create the second new Amazon or Facebook. Elistaria offers to simply create transparent, search engine friendly sites that are quick and which are also at the forefront of Google’s search list.

For us, it is of utmost importance to continually run usability tests, which reveals if certain functions are favored wrongly or that there is something missing that the users might want. If some parts are costing usability then we won’t hesitate to ruthlessly remove these from Elistaria. For example, during the beta testing it turned out that one of our content editing modes was unnecessary, so we quickly removed it. In addition to the HTML5 WYSIWYG options, nobody used the textile option. Who knew how to use it, generally also knew how to edit in HTML5, the ones that did not know, were not willing to learn it, despite the fact that it takes up to ten minutes to learn, and in principle, one would be able to slightly edit in it faster than in either of the other two options. Thus, this functionality is missing since Elistaria’s beta interface. We lost an editing solution, but we gained a lot in usability. If you have any thoughts on what is missing or what is obsolete in Elistaria, then we would be delighted to hear about it.

Visual communication is extensively limited in the old web development techniques. For example, a lot of companies still produce web pages, which on much of today's high-resolution monitors virtually appear as vertical stripes on both sides of a vast empty surface. With Elistaria however, the options are limitless, any design is feasible. Our purpose with our interface design is that errors that the users encounter are not considered to be a necessary evil, but we rather strive to achieve an interface design that is easily understood by anybody and in which it is almost impossible to make mistakes or to mess up something. The confusion is not considered a rite of passage, which leads to a complete understanding of Elistaria, but as a disease, of which the website builder application needs to be cured.


5. Valiant Customer Support

You might have also experienced that the website builder's customer service did not respond to your calls, did not understand what you wanted, did not resolve the problem, only made it even more confusing, or simply just neglected you? If you choose Elistaria then you will never have to deal with such a problem. In fact, our customer service will also stand at your disposal for advice on matters of search engine optimization!

If you don’t receive, within 72 hours, a meaningful answer to your question, then you will benefit of three months of free Elistaria usage for every extra day waited. We commit ourselves to sending an efficient reply, not one of those template replies that you get from other companies such as "working on it", "apologies dear customer, our staff is on vacation", "you’re email has been forwarded to our group of experts" and similar vague answers, which you might have experienced in the past. We address most problems within 24 hours. Moreover, the MongoLab monitors the operation of the database; New Relic monitors the whole of your website, so that potential problems are usually resolved before the users even become aware of them. The fact that our customer service has little work is not just only contributed to the fact that our interface is easy to use. Elistaria is not affected by software erosion, because every single time a new version comes out it is free of charge and is updated automatically. This method counteracts the aging of the Web application and so avoids age-related problems.

We are new to the international market and represent a new mentality. With Elistaria’s dauntless customer service the solution to all of your problems is just an email away.


6. Corporate Social Responsibility

Website design is most certainly a business, but Elistaria was also conceived and constructed with social values and with corporate social responsibility (CSR) in mind.

Elistaria assists people with disabilities: for the blind and partially sighted people it is difficult to use the Web, so Elistaria offers accessible version for each of its websites, which are easy to read and are also comfortable for individuals with screenreader vision problems as well. In addition, this is provided free of charge to all our clients, because of our corporate social responsibility policy.

Elistaria cherishes the environment: We do our best to minimize the carbon footprint of our Elistaria project. Currently we’re the world's top carbon imprint CMS. This is testified by the brighterplanet.com audit. Undoubtedly Elistaria favors sustainable development, as the Clouds, which are mostly used, operate with renewable energy sources (hydro, wind and solar energy). In addition, because it is stored on a cloud, only the exact amount of electricity needed is consumed. It is also important to note that the servers which make up the clouds consist of low-power elements.

Long-term relationships with non-governmental organizations and foundations: The project Elistaria, behind which stands Initiale, has good relations with several non-governmental organizations and foundations, helping them in every possible aspect, including financially. Since some of these organizations operate news sites, publicity and visibility is provided to us and if necessary they can even fulfill a lobbying function. But ... the main reason why you will choose Elistaria is that the prices are unbelievably good.

But the main reason why you will choose Elistaria is that the prices are unbelievably good. Click here to find out how incredibly good they really are!!